Who was Abraham?
By Muslims, Abraham is called Ibrahim. He is known as the father of the Arab and Jewish people. He is not considered a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. He is known as a friend of God. Many of Abraham's stories are in the Qur'an, the Islamic holy book.


The Faith of Abraham
The heart of the Abrahamic traditions and stories is Abraham's faith in God. According to the story, God tested Abraham's faith and trust in him by telling him to sacrifice his son, Ishmael. Although he loved his son, Abraham was willing to sacrifice him because he knew that God always had a reason for his actions. Just before he killed Ishmael, God told Abraham to stop and that he passed his test. He told him that because of his strong faith in him, he was willing to give up his own son.

How did Abraham Impact Islam?
Abraham impacted Islam in many ways. Muslims from around the world come to Mecca every year for Hajj. They travel from Medina to a nearby town called Mina to symbolize Abraham and his wife Hagar. Abraham and his wife lived like pilgrims, so Muslims try to follow in his footsteps and travel every year.

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