Do Women Have Many Rights?
Like in many other societies, both men and women have their roles to play. For women, however, their role is much different than men. Like in many beliefs and cultures, women are considered the lesser sex and don't deserve as many rights as men. Here are a few rights that women have that are much different than men:

  • Women do not have the right of divorce

  • The leadership of the family doesn't belong to the wife

  • A woman's inheritance are half of man's

  • Women are owned by their husbands

  • A woman's husband is not chosen by her, but by her family

  • Men are considered nobler than women

My Opinion
As you can tell by these restrictions, men are the superior gender in the Islamic religion. Many people (mainly women) find this unfair. Women have been treated like this for thousands of years. Now, in the modern day, women are beginning to stand up against unfair treatment, sexism and segregation. Some religions are against this while some support the idea of equal rights. I agree with equal rights and feel that it is unjust that a certain group of people are being mistreated while another group of people have rights and freedom. I don't mean that i am against Islam or any other other religion. I just think that equal rights is something that should be a guideline for any belief, for the sake of moral values.

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